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Payroll Tax Form

We have been working with for some years and are very pleased with this online program.
This program is also used by all major accounting firms.

We prepare the digital payroll tax form for you each month. You will be notified by email or a special app. After your electronic approval the payroll tax form is sent straight to the Tax Authorities. Just press the button and your payroll tax form is sent. It's that simple. You can always view your sent payroll tax forms.

There is also an Apple and Android app for the approval process.

The Tax Authorities regularly check whether your payroll tax form was sent on time. If not, you will be fined. This fine can go up to a maximum amount of EUR 1230.

Loket can be accessed anywhere with a computer and internet connection.

We can also use manual payroll tax forms at the Tax Authorities for customers who do not do their payroll in

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