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(Online) Payroll

Payroll is a whole different kettle of fish in our opinion.

Doing the payroll means having to take social and tax legislation and labour law into account and applying the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CAO) in use at your company.
We provide payroll services using the correct expert knowledge.

As an entrepreneur you just want to do what you are good at. Payroll is often seen as annoying paperwork which takes up a lot of time.

If we do your payroll we guarantee that your payroll processing will be accurate and punctual.

Our payroll services cover:

  • Electronic provision of salary slips and annual statements
  • Payroll journal entries, payment overviews and end-of-year payslips
  • Submission of digital returns for withholding taxes
  • Notifications to the required bodies, such as the company pension funds
  • Drawing up employment contracts
  • Answering your questions about payroll

Why outsource?

  • You do not have to take on any extra staff to process payroll.
  • Various changes may occur in legislation with regard to payroll throughout the year. Our payroll administrator keeps on top of these changes and applies them where necessary.
  • This can save you a lot of expense.

We work with, a manageable and practical application used by reputable accounting firms. Loket can be accessed anywhere with a computer and Internet connection. An app is also available so that you can view your payroll tax form even sooner and send it to the Tax Authorities.

We have been providing payroll services for years and have built up a great deal of experience in various sectors and CAOs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to make a no-obligation appointment with our payroll administrator.

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