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(Online) Accounting

Is it better for you to do your own books so you can save costs?
We're here to offer advice as well as a variety of online bookkeeping packages so that you can keep your own books without the need for specific accounting knowledge.

Keeping your own books could turn out to be considerably cheaper!

Why do your own books?

  • You can always find an entry or receipt in the records.
  • You can compare periods to see whether costs have increased or dropped in a certain quarter of a year.
  • You decide yourself when you enter your records and are therefore less dependent on a bookkeeping office.
  • You make your own corrections.
  • Online bookkeeping can save time and money.

We use the following online bookkeeping packages:

  • Exact Online
  • Asperion
  • King Online

We have the right experts who will be happy to provide any support you need where necessary. You are very welcome to drop by our office and learn how to do your own books under the watchful eye of a colleague.

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