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Income Tax Return

A & B Partners is the right place to come for your income tax return. Businesses and private individuals are all very welcome.

There are several frequently asked questions which we can give you expert advice on.
The questions most frequently asked are:

  • Will I get money back or do I have to pay?
  • Can study expenses be deducted?
  • Are the costs for volunteer projects deductible?
  • As an entrepreneur can I fully deduct lunches?
  • How do I report the addition for my car and do I have to report it?
  • What health insurance costs are deductible?
  • How much can I gift to my children?
  • When do I have to report a child's income?
  • Is informal care for my partner deductible?
  • Which gifts are deductible?
  • How do you process dividend return in your income tax return?
  • Which assets do I have to report to the Tax Authorities? This could include a capital savings account, a second home, a boat, investment insurance, the value of your life insurance or other types of investments.
  • How do I object to the imposed assessment?
  • How do I file an income tax return for a deceased person?
  • Do I also have to file an inheritance tax return for an estate?

Once you have approved your return we will submit it to the Tax Authorities electronically through our tax software package. This is quick and easy.

Contact us. Our tax advisers would love to help you.

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