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Financial Statements

Financial statements provide an annual overview of your company's financial position.
They are a broad indication of how your business operations are going. Did you achieve the intended results or have costs risen excessively this year? And how can you get your financial situation under control again?
Financial statements must correspond to your records. This includes accounting documents such as receipts, purchase invoices, sales invoices and bank statements.

Once your financial statements are ready then we will meet with you to discuss the achieved result.
How can I further optimise my business, where are potential growth opportunities?
Should I take on staff or carry on as I was?
We can help you by providing just the support you need.

The purpose of financial statements is to provide a clear overview of your company's financial position. In addition, all businesses are required to justify their financial position to the Tax Authorities. If you want to take out a mortgage or a loan, the body in question will always ask about your financial position.
Our financial statements contain the following details:

  • Compilation report
  • Tax position
  • Balance sheet
  • Profit and loss account
  • Explanatory notes to the financial statements
  • Explanatory notes to the balance sheet
  • Explanatory notes to the profit and loss account
  • Specification of Capital

For a private company, a public company or an association the following details are also provided:

  • Statutory exemption
  • Appropriation of the profit for the last financial year
  • Profit appropriation proposal for the financial year
  • Minutes
  • Shareholders' meeting (AGM)
  • Publication of a publication balance sheet and filing of these documents at the Chamber of Commerce.

Consolidated financial statements provide an annual overview of a group's financial situation. A group is a collection of companies working under direct or indirect supervision of one and the same parent company.

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